1. Each angler may use a maximum of 3 rods at any one time, except for the Kingfisher and river,where 2 may be used, subject to the member purchasing an additional permit. Appropriate Environment Agency licenses must be held. The total distance between all rods in use must not exceed 3 metres or any other lower limit that may be introduced through regional bylaws.
2. Members and other persons must show their tickets or license to any water Bailiff, Landowner or any other member if requested to do so.
3. No member shall leave rubbish of any description on the bank, nor throw any rubbish into the water. Members will be held responsible for litter at their peg. No dogs allowed except with Bailiffs on their rounds, and no approach shall be made through mowing grass or growing crops. All gates shall be closed after passing through. Numbered pegs shall not be removed without authorisation.
4. Matches may be held at the discretion of the committee. Stretches reserved for such matches shall be shown in the official fixture list. Members have no rights to reserve stretches for exclusive use in unofficial matches. Venues shown in the official fixture list MUST be vacated by MIDNIGHT the night before the draw time shown.
5. The Committee reserves the right of granting or refusing tickets to anyone.
6. Members are not allowed to carry guns unless authorised by the owner of the shooting rights.
7. No alteration can be made to any rules unless 14 days notice is given to the Secretary prior to the Annual General Meeting.
8. Except for official working parties, no boats, dinghies or other water vessels ( including bait boats ) are allowed.
9. Neither the Association nor the Committee, Trustees or Landowners shall be responsible for any injury sustained or damage committed while fishing or travelling to and from Association waters.
10. Use of fixed lead rigs, which cannot release on snagging, are banned when Carp fishing.
11. The club ticket remains the property of the Association and any breach of these rules will render a member liable to expulsion at the sole discretion of the Committee.
12. Members must ensure that ALL fish are returned to the water ALIVE. Fish retained in keepnets, sacks, or retaining slings, etc. must not be left unattended.
13. No fires to be lit on banks except under the control of official working parties.
14. In the event of a suspected national fish record, the captor must ensure that an Association officer is notified within 48 hours.
15. An adult member ( 17 years or over ) may have in their charge one junior guest under the age of 12 years. There will be no charge for the child.
16. Fishing is only allowed from the bankside. Access is not allowed to any island.
17. The club has a zero tolerance towards drug and alcohol abuse when on the bank, whether fishing or not. Anyone found to be HEAVILY under the influence of either will be asked to leave and may forfeit their memberships.
18. Carp ( other than Crucians ) and Barbel are not to be kept in keepnets. If it is necessary to retain Barbel, then tubes must be used. This rule does not apply to official matches.
19. Fisheries maintenance works, including the lopping of trees, erection of platforms and the digging of banks, may only be carried out with the prior consent of the Committee, or the Fisheries Development Officer.
20. Junior members ( 16 or under ) must be accompanied by an adult member at all times when fishing between dusk and dawn.
21. Members and their guests must have in their possession when fishing, a landing net of suitable size for the type of fishing they are doing. If fishing for larger fish, an unhooking mat must be carried. Keepnets must be a minimum size of 8ft x 15ins if round or rectangular, or any such size that the Environment Agency may require. Failure to comply with this rule will result in the member being asked to leave the water.
22. Members may purchase guest tickets. Members must accompany their guests on the waters and shall be responsible for them within the rules of the Association.  Guest tickets cannot be purchased on the bank. Please note, only 2 guest tickets allowed at any one time. *UPDATE* As of 16th June 2020, the towns Riverside Meadows and Castle Meadows stretches of river will be coming under NPFA control. They will be covered on the standard club ticket, and we are also going to be offering a day ticket system, on those stretches only. The day tickets can be purchased on the bank from any patrolling NPFA bailiff. The rest of the waters will remain as they are, no day tickets available. See current prices here.