Club Information

Members must have their club books on them at all times when on site. NO BOOK = NO ACCESS

Sherington Pits
The only access to the Sherington complex is via the Kingfisher car park. Parking is available at the Kingfisher car park, Horseshoe car park and Big Pit/Swan car park. Do not park on the main access road or block access roads to Suntrap, Swan Pit and Neck sluice. AWA require 24hr access to these points.

Abbey Pits
The only car parking spaces, are on the road ( Priory Street ). Please park with care, ensuring that you are not blocking in other vehicles, who may be residents in the area, and not members. NPFA wants to keep on good terms with the local residents. Please be mindful of this when parking.

River Sections
NPFA has several sections of the River Great Ouse. Please see the Maps page for more details.
ACCESS: Due to the numerous stretches of river, it is not possible to list all access locations. However, there is NO PARKING to the river downstream of the sluice weir ( B526 Northampton Road )

PresidentDave Adams

Committee: Graham Hadkiss, Ray Parrot

Hon Secretary: Chris Sawbridge

Chairman: Adrian Watson

Vice Chairman: Mark Tearney

Match Secretary: Dave Tebbut

Auditor: Frank Lewis

Trustees: J Shann, N W Stanbridge

Pollution/Illegal Poaching
Environmental Agency Emergency No. ( 24 hrs ) Tel 0800807060

The owner of the shooting rights (Sherington Pits)  has advised us that shooting will be carried out throughout the year. The owner will ensure that the small number of authorised shooters carry a permit and are fully aware that anglers may be present. Anglers must carry their membership books at all times.